Benefits of In-Home

Benefits for the Patient:

     Animals benefit from not having to leave the safety of their own home.  Being transported to a clinic can be very stressful and may result in vomiting/elimination and can be potentially dangerous for both dogs and cats.  Young and older animals, those with mobility problems and sick pets are not always good candidates for travel.

     Not all pets are comfortable around other animals.  With cats the sight and sounds of other animals especially dogs can be very traumatic.  Dogs can get nervous with scents and sounds of the clinic and other pets.  It is very common for an animal to become agitated when walking up to a clinic and may even balk at entering the building.  In certain cases some dogs actually become overstimulated and this can make examination/treatment difficult.

     Because clinics treat and hospitalize sick animals there is always risk of infectious disease.  In-home service helps prevent exposure of your pet to these contagious viruses and bacteria. 

     Animals are much calmer at home and this allows for easier examination.  The ability for a veterinarian to observe them in their home environment can lead to additional perspective on contributing factors to their condition or illness. 

Benefits for the Client:

     Many people are busy juggling career and family.  The convenience of in-home veterinary service allows clients to use their time more efficiently.  There is also no time wasted travelling to the clinic and sitting in the waiting room.  

     Because of less time constraints house calls can be more thorough leading to more effective service and treatment.

     People who don't drive or have access to a vehicle appreciate this service.  Driving in unfavourable weather conditions is also avoided. 

     A traumatic experience for a pet is also traumatic to the owner.   


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